Forum Question: How Can I Sort the Finder Window Like I Can In Windows Explorer?

I switched to Mac 2 years ago and I am happy I did. Something I can not duplicate on the Mac is the sort columns in the Windows explorer. In Windows Explorer in the Details View, I can sort by anything I want. There are about 50 different selections to pick. Something I would like to be able to do right now in Finder is sort by the Date a picture was taken. Can someone help me with that?
Thank you!!
Jim Woods

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    4/24/12 @ 10:33 am

    First, you’ll need to learn to switch between the different Finder window views. See
    So switch to the list view. Then at the top of the window you will see various column headings: Name, Date Modified, Size, Kind, etc.
    For what you want you should just be able to click on Date Modified and you’ll have your files sorted by date. But you can also choose View, Show View Options from the menu bar and then add more columns like Date Created and such. Then you can sort by those.
    Another way to sort files in a Finder window is to “arrange” them. See
    Of course for most Mac users they have their photos in iPhoto, not just as files sitting in a folder. In iPhoto you’ve got a lot of options for sorting, creating albums and doing searches and lists.

    Jim Woods
    4/24/12 @ 10:14 pm

    Hello Gary,
    First, nice work on all your videos. I watch everyone which has helped me make my transition from the Windows PC to Mac.
    I have watched that video and am familiar with the sorts you spoke of. I have thousands of photos which I want to bring into Aperture. They have last modified dates that don’t correspond with the metadata date taken because many have been moved over the years. I was hoping Finder will help me. Do you know if the new OS will have it? Can I import into Apeture and have it create folders based on the date taken?

    Thanks again,
    Jim Woods

      4/24/12 @ 10:48 pm

      I use iPhoto, but it should be the same in Aperture. It should use the metadata, not the file modified date. So you should be able to sort and organize once you get it all in there.

    Jim Woods
    4/26/12 @ 2:59 pm


    7/3/12 @ 10:39 am

    Want to know a very easy way? Label your files and folders with colours and then sort by label! Is a very manual but easy way.

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