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How Can I Transfer Files (all Types) From My iMac To My Win 10 PC?

To be able to transfer files (docs, spreadsheets, and OR other files) FROM my Win 10 PC to my iMac and viceversa.
To be able to see my WIN 10 PC FILES on my iMac and viceversa.
Basically, treat the two Computers (the iMac and Win 10 PC) as TWO COMPUTERS THAT CAN communicate between them.
For example:
I go to my Mac and being able to see my Win 10 PC FILES and do the same from my Win 10 PC BEING ABLE TO DO THE SAME. (See files; edit them, etc. ).
May be a SPECIAL PUBLIC folder? Between them?
I understand the different FORMAT TYPE filES, between the OS’s etc.
I hope I put enough above to try and convey what I mean or try to do.
Biagio Bisignano

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    3 years ago

    The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to simply use a cloud service. When files are stored in a cloud service, they can be seen on multiple computers at the same time and remain in sync, regardless of whether you are using Macs, Windows or both.

    For a long time people have used the cloud service Dropbox for this. You can do that, but you can also install iCloud for Windows to use iCloud to do it ( You could also use Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or almost any other service that works with both Mac and Windows.

    You could try file sharing, but that requires that both computers be on and connected to the same network. Plus, the file must "live" on one or the other computer and it is hard to keep track. With a cloud service like Dropbox, iCloud Drive or any of the others, the files are in "one" place and accessible all the time from either machine, even if they other one is off, asleep, or disconnected from the network. Even if they are in different locations.

    Biagio Bisignano
    3 years ago

    Thank you Gary:
    That sounds GREAT. I will try the iCloud suggestion method (You explained it perfectly) and I will keep you updated.
    Thanks again.
    B Bisignano ❤️👍

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