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How Do I Access Emails Saved On iCloud Folders On My iPad?

I have saved a lot of files and folders on iCloud. In some folders , I also have saved a lot of emails as .eml These emails I can easily access in MacBook or Mac. But the same emails are not accessible on iPhone or iPad. The folder ( in which the emails are saved ) shows that the emails are there , their size and subject but when I click the emails do not show the contents.

I want to access my icloud saved emails from iPad also.
Prakash Pachisia

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    2 years ago

    So the problem here is that there is no default app that can be used to open .eml messages on iOS or iPadOS. There are two solutions to this.

    One is to simply not use .eml format to save email messages as files. You can use some other format, such as PDF, which can be easily viewed on both Macs and the iPad (and iPhone) with native apps.

    Another is to just get an app in the App Store that allows you to view .eml files. If you search for "eml viewer" in the App Store, many come up. A free one called just "EML Viewer" seems to do the trick. You can tap on a .eml file in the Files app, then tap the Share button and you should be able to then send it to the app through the icons in the Share sheet.

    A third option I should add is to simply not save email messages outside of your email app. Instead, just archive them there. I put all of my old acted-on messages into my archive folder and just search for them when I need them. You can also create your own mailboxes in your email accounts and put those messages in these. Then just view them from the Mail app.

    Prakash Pachisia
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary , I guess you are the Gary I have been watching on Your Tube. : ) None of these three solutions are easy to use. I would prefer to just click on the email and it should open. May be some day Apple will think about it and make a path for .eml files to open in the mail application on iPad or iPhone. Thanks any way for your help, which I truly appreciate.

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