How To Control Where Downloaded Files Are Saved on a Mac

When you download something in Safari, another browser, or Mail, it is saved to the Downloads folder by default. But you can change that to another location or have it prompt you each time.

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    Ralph Henson
    1 year ago

    I have an Ipad and a Mabook Air from my school. As a teacher, I download files, but both are limited in storage. Can I use the iCloud downloads instead, and how do I make sure they don't get on the drives? Thanks for a great help.
    Been using macs for 30 years, but I've learned more from you in the last three.

    1 year ago

    Ralph: My advice is to just keep the Downloads folder neat. After downloading, move the file or use it as needed. Downloading to the iCloud Downloads folder is the default for your iPad, but using that on your Mac won't help free up space in the short term as the file would still be cached locally and using space.

    John MacKenzie
    1 year ago

    Thanks again, Gary. I learn so much from these videos.

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