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How Do I Add a Brand Name To My Photos?

Since my IMac died I have temporarily bought an iPad Pro for when I am traveling, and the more I use it the more I like it, Except that I miss the big screen for photo editing, and I had some good programs on it for editing photos, one thing I’m having problems with is finding an app to make my brand stamp to stamp all my photos preferably by an album or file in one go rather than individually, I have searched the App Store but haven’t found anything that can do it, I don’t know if any of the standard apps can help, can they?
Thanks in advance

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    8 years ago

    I don't know of any app that will batch edit photos. Probably an easy way to get into trouble for a lot of people.
    I would look for an extension that does this, so that you don't need to leave the Photos app to do it. But if you can't find one you like, then a stand-alone app would be the next thing. Technically any image-editing app that allows you to put a new layer or paste another image on top will work. But a search in the App Store for "Photos extension watermark" turned up a couple of things. A search for "watermark" turned up more, and some of those may have extensions too.
    So it looks like you have lots of watermarking options, but I doubt any will do it as a batch.
    Another option would be to consider watermarking in another step of your process. I assume you want to do this so when you upload the photo to an online service, someone can't copy it. A lot for apps associated with uploading to a service have the ability to alter the photo. You don't mention which service you are using, but watermarking at the point of upload could be a possibility. Think of how Instagram and Snapchat will allow one to edit the photo right in the app.

    8 years ago

    Thanks Gary, I don't know how I didn't see it before but I found pan app called iStamp and it does batches supposedly, haven't tried it yet, thanks for your help, your a legend👍

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