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How Do I Archive Photos From an iMac?

Powerphotos by FatCat Software is the successor to iPhoto Library Manager. Was looking for a tutorial on it, OR archiving and getting all the old photos off an iMac using the current OS.
Jorge Bravo

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    3 years ago

    You don’t need another piece of software to remove photos from your Photos library. You can do that with a simple drag-and-drop or Export function.
    Basically, you can select one or more photos, then use File, Export, Export Unmodified Original to copy the photos to a folder in the Finder. There are even some file naming options that could come in handy in a case like this.
    Then, just delete the photos in the library after you have confirmed that you have them in the new Finder folder and all is well.
    To do this with a lot of photos, you may want to institute a technique like “favoriting” all of those photos and then viewing your favorites. Of course that won’t work if you are already using favorites for something else. You could use a keyword tag or a simply a special album.

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