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How Do I Assign My Own Ringtones On iPhone 7?

I have made ringtones in Garageband and Soundtrack and have them on my iPhone in music. When `I try to assign them I only get the standard ringtones.
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    7 years ago

    When you created them in GarageBand, do you create them as ringtones, or as regular songs? They need to be created as ringtones for them to be recognized on your iPhone as such. Alternatively, they need to be .m4r files instead of .m4a files (simply renaming works in most cases). Then you need to sync them to your iPhone via iTunes in the Ringtones section, not in the Music section.


    7 years ago

    Tried it. No go. I have a new iPhone 7. I put it into ringtones on my phone playlist but when I try to assign it only the Mac ringtone list comes up and it is not in it.

    7 years ago

    Margaret: Not sure where you could be going wrong. I would review the steps again carefully and try each step as shown in the video. Not sure what you mean by "Mac ringtone list."

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