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How Do I Automatically Get the Wallpaper To Change Each Day?

Is it possible to auto-rotate the wallpaper so a different photo is there each day? (Besides manually changing it).

I want to vary the wallpaper each day without having to manually click on a photo to make it the wallpaper.

(In Ventura.)
David P

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    1 year ago

    Go to System Settings, Wallpaper. In the list of images, scroll down to the bottom. Use the Add Folder or Add Photo Album buttons to add either a folder with images, or an album from your Photos library.

    Now you should see that folder or album at the bottom of that list of wallpaper images. The leftmost item is "Auto-Rotate." Choose that.

    Now above the scrolling list you should see options for how often the image changes. Set it to "Every Day." If you want them to cycle through in order, leave "Randomly" unchecked. Otherwise check it and you'll get a random one from the folder or album each day.

    The great thing about this is if you want to change which photos are in the mix, you should be able to do so by just adding/removing images from the folder you selected in the Finder, or the album you selected in the Photos app.

    David P
    1 year ago

    Thanks Gary!! Have a wonderful holiday - David

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