Set Focus Modes To Turn On Automatically

Focus modes, also called Do Not Disturb, are useful to quiet notifications while in meetings or trying to concentrate. But it is hard to remember to turn them on and off. To make them more useful, you can set Focus modes to turn on automatically when using specific apps.

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    Jimmy Marchini
    1 year ago

    I need to know if every possible notification sound can be shut down, emergency or other wise. In "Do No Disturb" I still get the occasional alert playing over bluetooth. This occurred with Airplane mode on, Do Not Disturb on, Mute set, and the same on my Apple Watch.

    1 year ago

    Jimmy: Apps can play their own sounds outside of system notifications. That may be the case in that situation. See if the app has some controls for that.

    Bart Pulverman
    1 year ago

    At 1:16 into the presentation you described how to go into the Focus mode settings on Monterey (v12.6) which I am using on my 27" mid-2017 iMac. When I followed your instructions I found that the only things that are not greyed out are the "Show in Menu Bar" checkbox and the selector for "when active" or "always" and there is no place to select specific apps as you describe. Did you lead us into a dead end or am I missing something?

    1 year ago

    Bart: I don't have Monterey available to me right now (holiday week here in the US) but just like with Ventura you use the "schedule" setting to choose an app. But it sounds like you are maybe in the wrong place altogether, maybe looking at Menu Bar and Control Center settings?

    Tom Craig
    1 year ago

    Thanks again, Gary, for explaining a subject that has been confusing and frustrating for me. Now to use your good instruction to get the desired results!

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