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How Do I Best Organize Apps Into Folders On iPhone and iPad?

Up until recently we could use iTunes on the Mac to help organize iOS apps into folders on a connected iPhone or iPad. But with the latest release of iTunes, this is no longer possible. We can still put iOS apps into folders using the drag and drop technique, but sometimes this requires dragging over many home screens. Is there an easier way that is similar to what was provided by earlier versions of iTunes?
Richard Fuhr

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    7 years ago

    That's right you have to do it on the iPad's screen. That's the only way now.

    In iOS 11 you have a few ways in which this is easier. The first is you can tap and drag an icon without going into "wiggle" mode. The other is you can drag multiple icons. To do that, tap and hold an icon until all of the icons go into wiggle mode. Then, while still holding that one icon, tap another one with another finger. Now you are moving both. Continue to add icons. That way you can drag a bunch of icons from one screen to another in one go.

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