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How Do I Calculate Subtotals In Numbers?

I use the filter functions a lot to analyse data, but I cannot find a formula or function in Numbers to calculate the changing financial total as I filter the data. As you know in excel and Google sheets the formula is =subtotal(9,range).
Help please


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    2 years ago

    Filters will allow you to hide some rows so you can see only the data you want. But they are not meant for changing the results of formulas. The whole idea is to filter the table without changing the results.

    So you have two main options. The first is to use SUMIF or SUMIFS to calculate the results based on criteria. That’s the normal way to do it. You can even combine filters and SUMIF by using a formula in a column that gives you a true or false based on a condition. For instance, column J could be true or false by testing column D (is it greater than 100, for example). Then you can filter based on the value of column J, and also use a SUMIF in the footer of column J to give you the sum of C (or any column) based on J being true. Then use K, L and M for other such things.

    The other option is to use Smart Categories. WIth these, you can include sums of subsets of your table. See ing Smart Categories (Pivot Tables) in Mac Numbers.

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