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How Do I Change a Default Email Address?

When there is a blank space in a few different browsers in which an e-mail address is required, I get a pop-up to auto-fill with an email address that is not mine, instead of showing my email, it shows my wife’s email address. She does not have access to my computer, and the only place her email would be listed is in my address book or when receiving an email from her.
Mike Anderson

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    1 year ago

    In the Contacts app, select the card that has YOUR information. Then set that to your card by choosing Card, Make This My Card.

    9 months ago

    I have a default outgoing email address that is incorrect and I can't get rid of it to replace the correct one. I use gmail and a Macbook. Thank you

    9 months ago

    Len: In the Mail app, go to Mail, Settings, and then Accounts. Then look for that account and select it. Then look for Server Settings on the right.

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