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How Do I Change Cell Colour Depending On Value?

In Numbers, how can I make the highest value in a list of currency values change colour? The list is constantly changing, so the highest cell value will also change. I’ve looked at Conditional Formatting but this doesn’t seem to be the answer. Regards.

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    11 years ago

    Conditional formatting IS the answer -- it is the only way to change the color or other style of a cell based on a value or calculation.
    If you want the highest value of a range of cells to be a different color, then the way I would do it is to use the MAX formula in another cell to get the highest value. Then use conditional formatting to set the color for the entire range of cells.
    So if the list is in B2 to B50, I would put the formula =MAX(B2:M50) in a cell like B52. Then I would select B2 to B50 and set a conditional format so the cell is red if it equals B52. You can then change the values of any of those cells and B52 will always show the highest value and B2 to B50 will always color in any cell that equals that number.

      11 years ago

      Many thanks Gary, that worked!

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