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How Do I Change Icon Preview In Finder?

I used to see what the image was when I opened Finder on my Mac, but now it just shows a generic icon instead of the image… so to view the images I have to open every one to see what it is… I donā€™t know how this got changed as I used to see the images without opening the file. How do I change this back?
Shirl Tyner

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    5 years ago

    That's a view setting in the Finder. With the Finder as the front-most app and an Icon-view window open, choose View, Show View Options. Then check the box next to "Show Icon Preview."

    One thing to note that even without this, you don't need to open every file to see the image. You can use Quick Look, for instance, Just select the file and press the spacebar. You can leave the Quick Look window open and select other files too.

    John Russell
    5 years ago

    My new Nikon Coolpix P1000 has given me the exact same problem. Its .NRW raw file type (as opposed to the usual .NEF Nikon file type I'm used to) doesn't react to the suggestions above. I just get the spinning gear forever along with the blank icons. I'm using Mojave on a MacBook Pro. This is problem I've gotta overcome or I just lost $1,000 :-(

    5 years ago

    John: Have you tried asking Nikon support or maybe in a Nikon forum? Sounds like an issue with that file type. Also, submit feedback to Apple about it.

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