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How Do I Change the Code On an iPhone?

my husband passed away and I am trying to get into his phone to get his messages and e mail. I phone 6 I have Verizon service for my phone and my husbands. They are also asking for a fingerprint and it gets disabled.

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    4 years ago

    Hello Rose. First, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. This must be a difficult time for you and this problem is, I’m sure, not helping.
    Unfortunately, there might not be a way, at least for the iPhone. iPhones are designed to be very secure. You may have heard about the big news story last year where the FBI insisted that Apple help them do just what you are trying to do, get into an iPhone when they didn’t know the passcode. It took a whole security team to break into that iPhone, even the FBI couldn’t do it by themselves. And that was on an iPhone 5, without the TouchID (fingerprint sensor) which makes it much more secure.
    However, there still could be a way to get to the information.
    One way is to restore the device from a backup. If your husband backed up his iPhone to a Mac or PC, and you know his Apple ID and password, you may be able to basically erase his iPhone, then restore all of the information to the time of the last backup, but without the passcode.
    However, I don’t suggest doing this unless you really know what you are doing. It would be easy to erase the iPhone and end up with nothing. Instead, perhaps consider taking the phone and the Mac/PC to an Apple Store after making a Genius Bar appointment. An expert there will do it. Or, find another expert, maybe one willing to make a house call.
    Another option that comes to mind is to bypass the phone to get to email and messages. The iPhone is just the device to view the email. The email itself exists on a server, possibly the Verizon server if he used a email address. If not, then whatever service he was using ( for instance. If you have that password, you may be able to get into the service’s web-based email and get all of his email from there. Or, maybe he was also getting email on a Mac or PC? If so, see if you can get access there.
    For Messages, there are two types. One would be SMS. Call Verizon and see if they have a program where you can get into his SMS messages. Verizon is in charge of that. But iMessages are Apple’s system and you’ll need his Apple ID and password to get into those — on any iOS or Mac. Again, Apple and the Genius Bar will be able to help you with that, or at least tell you whether it is impossible if you don’t have the password.
    I hope this at least gets you started. There is no substitute for firsthand help when dealing with a serious problem like this. I would start with a Genius Bar appointment as your next step if you can.

    4 years ago


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