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How Do I Change the Date Of Photos I Am Importing Into Photos?

I use an iMac (3Tb) with a Time Machine hard drive (6Tb) and I have recently started to use iCloud (2Tb). I have a lot of photos (42,000+) in Photos taken over many years and I wish to keep taking more…

I have recently found hundreds of much older family photos (divided accurately into Yearly Folders) on a different, separate hard drive that I would like to add to Photos.

But, I’m concerned that they will all be out of chronological order if I just import them today (they will import as new photos -taken today!)- whereas the rest of my collection goes back in chronological order since I first used iPhotos…

s there a way to import photos with a different date from ‘todays date’ so that they will sit in the correct sequence inside of Photos?

So anyone in my family who now or in the future, sits at my computer, can see all the photos taken by the different family members, in the correct sequence (chronological order – year by year) that they were taken.

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    3 years ago

    When you import photos the date is taken from the metadata stored inside the photos. It sounds like you scanned these in instead of taking them with a camera. Did you scanning software allow you to set the metadata date taken for the images? Probably not. So without a date, it would use the current date, or at least the date the file was created.

    So do you know the dates of these photos? Or is the plan to just set them to a generic date, like January 1 for each year? In that case, you can import one year's worth of photos, select those, and then set the date using Image, Adjust Date and Time. Then do it for each year.

    But if you want to set the exact date for each photo, then you'll need to do that on a photo-by-photo basis. But that Adjust Date and Time command is what you'll need to use. No way around that. If the information isn't present for Photos to use, then you'd need to provide it.

    Bill Pitt
    3 years ago

    Thanks very much Gary!
    You do a fantastic job helping us understand the great Apple devices we have purchased.
    Keep up the great work 👍

    Bill Melbourne/Australia

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