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How Do I Change the Decimal Point In Numbers?

I use macOS=10.6 and Numbers=6.2.

I have a CSV-file and open this with Numbers. All the data are there. I create a Diagram using 2 columns from the sheet. The diagram appears, but there are no values.

I have found out that the reason is that the values have ‘dot’ as decimal point and I use ‘comma’. If I overwrite a value with comma, it appears in the diagram. However, the sheet has several hundred lines, so I need a simple way to change decimal point in all lines. I have tried copy format, but this doesn’t work.
Jan Wille

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    5 years ago

    Why not just use Find & Replace?
    Choose Edit, Find, Find. Then put in . as the search text. Click on the little setting button to the left and switch to Find & Replace. Then put the , as the replacement text. Then replace all.
    I tried this with the opposite situation, changing commas to periods, and it worked for me.
    Another solution is to open the CSV file in TextEdit, since it is just a text file. Then do a find and replace in TextEdit. Save it out and then bring in the CSV into Numbers.

    Jan Wille
    5 years ago

    Of course! Quite embarrasing that I didn't think of that. Thank you.

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