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How Do I Change the Font To Title Case and Retain the Changes When Exporting?

I imported an excel file into numbers that contains data with names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. The names and addresses are all capitalized and I would like to change them to Title Case. I was able to change the case with Format/Font/Capitalization and I can see the data is changed. However, when I put my curser on the cell I still see the fully capitalized work in the formula/text bar at the bottom of the table. Also, when I export the file as excel or CSV the exported file is back to fully capitalized text. How can I get the font capitalization changes to stick in the exported file?

I want to convert the text in my spreadsheet to title case so I can use the data to mail merge into a letter.
Robert T

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    2 years ago

    When you use Title Case in formatting it changes how the text is displayed, but not the actual real text. It is like making the text bold or changing the font. The text is still those letters, it just displays differently. See for a whole tutorial I did on this.

    It sounds like Excel doesn't support this. So you'll need to do something else.

    Use the PROPER function. This should do what you want. So if column C holds the name, then in column D have PROPER be a copy of the name like =PROPER(C2) inside cell D2, then copied throughout column D.

    If you like, you can then copy all of column D, and Edit, Paste Formula Results in column C to make the change permanent. Then delete column D.

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