Using Capitalization Styling In Pages

You can switch a text selection to use all uppercase letters, or just capitalize the beginnings of words, by using a style change rather than retyping the words. This makes it easy to try different capitalization options and always be able to switch back to your original text. You can also display text as Small Caps, which uses uppercase letters of different sizes to show which letters are really uppercase. This also works in Numbers and Keynote.
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So there's a rarely used but a very useful feature in most word processors including Pages that allows you to set capitalization styles for some text. So let me show you can example. Here I have some text in Pages and I have a title here. I've typed it out exactly like I want with capital letters in front of some of those words that makes sense. I can select that and I can change the capitalization in two places. One is I can go to Format and then I can go to Font and then Capitalization and I see options here. I can get to the same thing in the right sidebar by going to Format, then Style, and then click on the little gear here and you see all of the Capitalization options.

So None means that it should use the letters exactly as you type them. But you can change to, say, All Caps. This will make everything capital letters. Now what's the difference between that and just actually typing the capital letters. Well, the letters aren't actually capitalized. It remembers exactly what you have typed. It's just stylizing it using all capital letters. So if I were to change my mind and go back to what I wanted it remembers exactly how I had it. This is exactly how I typed it with just three capitals.

Now you have other options here as well. You can do Title Case. What Title Case does is it's not going to change anything here. It's going to only capitalize the words that should be. So and and the, which by standard convention are not capitalized in titles, are not capitalized. As a matter of fact if I were to switch to None and change everything to lower case, like that, you can see that changing to Title Case will only capitalize the first word and then the words that are not common like and and the. You can also do Start Case. Start Case will capitalize all the words regardless of whether the things like and and a, and the and things like that.

You can also do something called Small Caps. So Small Caps, let's switch back to how I had it typed originally. Small Caps actually puts everything in capital letters but uses a smaller font size for the ones that are supposed to be lower case. So we'll do Small Caps here and you'll see how it's done that. Sometimes that could look very nice as well. But the key thing is that it's not actually changing the characters you've typed because you can always go back to None. It always remembers exactly what you've typed.

So it's very handy. It's great anytime I need to capitalize everything like if I want to put this all in caps I never type it as all caps. I always go and use the All Caps option and knowing that I can very easily then switch back to None if I change my mind later on.

You can also, of course, use this in Numbers and Keynote. It's particularly useful in Keynote because you're very often typing things that then you want to play around with how it looks. So I can take this title here and I can change it to use say All Caps or Small Caps, Title Case, or Start Case and never have to retype anything.

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    Patrick Mc Namee
    3 months ago

    Really very useful

    Harold Wood
    3 months ago

    What if my original text, from a copy and paste from a web page, for example, is already all capitalized but I want to change it to no caps or to Title Case? As I recall, MS Word can do that but I haven’t found how to do that in Pages.

    3 months ago

    Harold: You’d need to choose Edit, Transformations.

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