Using Capitalization Styling In Pages

You can switch a text selection to use all uppercase letters, or just capitalize the beginnings of words, by using a style change rather than retyping the words. This makes it easy to try different capitalization options and always be able to switch back to your original text. You can also display text as Small Caps, which uses uppercase letters of different sizes to show which letters are really uppercase. This also works in Numbers and Keynote.

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    Patrick Mc Namee
    5 years ago

    Really very useful

    Harold Wood
    5 years ago

    What if my original text, from a copy and paste from a web page, for example, is already all capitalized but I want to change it to no caps or to Title Case? As I recall, MS Word can do that but I haven't found how to do that in Pages.

    5 years ago

    Harold: You'd need to choose Edit, Transformations.

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