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How Do I Change the Main Folder Under Users?

I want to change the name of the main folder under Users. Its the folder that contains all the data and settings and operating info. Can it be changes and if so, how.

Dominick Rocco

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    2 years ago

    So that is your Home folder, and it is also the name of your account. The Home folder and account name must match, which makes it very difficult to change the name of that folder or the account name. When people attempt it, it often leads to trouble as so many things are linked to that name.

    I recommend not changing it. Wait until you get a new Mac one day and then set the account on that Mac up with the name you like.

    Otherwise, the best option is to simply create a new user account and start using that. You can use the same iCloud and Apple ID credentials on that new account. Then you'll need to bring over all of your files, documents, etc. Settings will be default for the new account, but you can change those as-needed. Not a great solution either.

    2 years ago

    Thank you for the advise and direction.

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