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How Do I “Clean Up By ” for All the Existing and New Folders?

Hi Gary,

Every time I create a new folder in the Finder and add files there, by default the contents are “unorganized” (when the view option is set to “as Icons”). I need to right-click and use either “Sort by” or “Clean up by” functions to make my folder look organized. Is there a way I set all the folders to “Clean up by “? If there is such an option, I hope this will also apply to any new folders that I create.

By the way, is there a difference between “Sort by” and “Clean up by” functions?
Chethan Belludi

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    1 year ago

    Clean Up By is an action. You do it, and it cleans things up right there and then. Then it is over. You can now move things as you like.

    Sort By is a setting. If you turn it on, then things in that folder stay sorted like that.

    Next time you want to do this, go to View, Show View Options. Use Sort By there. But before you do anything else, use the Use As Defaults button at the bottom of the View Options.

    Note that what this should do is to set the Sort By default for new folders. It won't change existing folders and may also not work when you create a folder in Column or List view. It depends on a lot of factors. But give it a try.

    Chethan Belludi
    1 year ago

    Thank you, Gary. That is very helpful. I applied the "Sort By Name" to "Use As Defaults"!

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