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How Do I Compress a Video Even Smaller?

The college where I teach is doing online only this year. While some classes will be live via Zoom, the school has asked me to create 30-minute pre-recorded lessons as well, for the students to view on their own time. I created a Keynote presentation and recorded an audio track. Even if I export it as a 480p video, it ends up being about 200 MB. The online learning system that the school is using has a file size limit of 32 MB. How do I compress my video lesson that much more?

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    4 years ago

    A file size of 32MB is going to be be pretty impossible for videos. At 480p the quality is already much lower than almost anything else online -- YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I would say that video online today needs to be 720p at a minimum, but the majority of it is 1080p.

    Clearly uploading "files" to your school's system isn't the right way to go. I'm sure that your college has another plan as there is no way they can expect teachers to be uploading 32MB files. The only way would be to make them very short videos. Very short. Like 1 minute each.

    Typically you never upload video to a system as files. You upload to a streaming media server. The server then streams the video at various quality depending on the viewer's speed and capabilities. This is how YouTube, Vimeo, etc, all work.

    I'd go to whomever is in charge of this online learning system and find out the right way to do it. They must have some system in place that you aren't aware of yet. 32MB isn't going to do it at all. Not even close.

    Otherwise, look to use some sort of pre-existing system: YouTube (make them "unlisted") or Vimeo maybe.

    4 years ago

    I spoke to them about this, and they are going to go the YouTube route.

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