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How Do I Configure Airport Extreme Disk Remote Access?

Hello gary, i’ve watched your video tutorial “Setting Up an Airport Extreme for Outside Access” but i still have some doubts. First… i have a dsl modem connection with a Aiport extreme router. I would like to access my disk from other computer outside my house (network) without use a Global Domain Name. How do i do it?
In your video you’ve showed how to create access to different network computers, but i need to connect with the Airport Extreme HD.
Thanks in advance for the support and i would like to congrats you for your videos.
Igor Vitorino

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    3 years ago

    It will take some work and experimentation. It helps if you can connect another Mac to an outside network, say through your iPhone to test.
    Now, I assume you mean you want to access your Mac’s disk from the outside? Right? Not a disk connected to the Airport Extreme?
    I would first try using Back to My Mac to make things simple. You can turn that on under the Base Station tab in Airport Utility. Set it up with your Apple ID. Then try to connect to it using your other Mac. It should appear in the Finder sidebar.
    But it is so easy for this not to work. Your DSL modem could simply be blocking these ports, or need to be configured to make sure the ports forward to the right place. And there are so many different DSL modems, versions and systems.
    What it may come down to is your ability to read up on that DSL modem and your service, and experiment until you get it. Or, hire a pro to come into your house and work with it. Don’t expect your telephone company to be of any help as this is probably way outside of their scope of tech support.
    The difficulties in doing this is one of the reasons that cloud services like iCloud Drive and DropBox are so popular — it makes all of this unnecessary and file access is something anyone can have.
    Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    3 years ago

    Thanks for the support Gary…
    The point is… i’m trying to access the AirporExtreme Disk attached. I’ve configured the airport as fixed ip, but i need to port forward in order to access via SMB.
    How do i do to configure and port forward?
    How my AEBs is configured:
    Fixed ip:
    DDNS domain created:
    AEBs in Bridge mode… so, all the configuration to port forward must be done in the first router.
    Now… how do i port forward to have access via smb???

    3 years ago

    Igor: It depends on your router. You’ll need to get into the settings for your router, figure out how to set the port forwarding in there.

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