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How Do I Convert XLR Files To XLS or Numbers?

I recently upgraded to Catalina. As a result any old XLR files will not open. Is there a way to convert them to Number files? or export them to an XLS configuration. My Office for MAC was 32 bit and got wiped out with the upgrade.
Thank you.
James McCormick

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    4 years ago

    So from what I can tell, .xlr files are Microsoft Works files. Does that sound right?

    Seems that Microsoft Excel can open Works files, which is probably what you were doing before.

    So you have options. One simple one is to try changing the file name from .xlr to .xls and see if that can then be opened in Numbers. The file formats seem to be very similar, so it may work. Doesn't hurt to try that.

    You can also find someone else with Windows (or a Mac with current Excel) and have them convert all of your old .xlr files to .xls.

    You can also try to open those .xlr files in free spreadsheet apps and save them out as .xls files. Like maybe Google Sheets, Open Office, Libre Office, etc. After all, Microsoft Works hasn't been around for years so there is no point to keeping .xlr files and .xlr files anyway.

    If this is an important workflow for you, and you prefer Microsoft apps, then why not get the current version of Microsoft Office? Personal Edition isn't that expensive. I mean if it is for a hobby, and funds are tight, then converting and using only Numbers from now on is the way to go. But otherwise, why not use the app you want to use to get your work done?

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