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How Do I Create a Disjunction As a Saved Search?

Using Mojave on MacBook Pro, I’m trying to create a disjunction search. Specifically, I can create and save a search for File Contains ‘Guide’ and I can create and save a search for File Contains ‘Manual,’ but I want to create a search such as File Contains ‘Guide’ OR File Contains ‘Manual.’ If I hit the plus sign to add the second search, it seems it uses AND, and thus I don’t get any search results. (No one names their documentation the ‘Manual Guide,’ of course.) So, how do I create a search that finds this OR that at the same time? Thanks, as always.
John Russell

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    2 years ago

    The trick is to hold the Option key down on your keyboard. The + button changes to a … button. Click it. Then you get a line with “ANY of the following are true” and a single line under that. Leave the ANY as that is the “or” you are looking for. You can change it to ALL for “and” or NONE for “not.”

    Now you have that one line under the ANY line. Put your first criteria there. Then click the + button on that line to add a second criteria. Now you have a search that looks for the first criteria OR the second criteria.

    You may still have the original line for the search there too, above your ANY line.. Perhaps a “Kind is Any” or something like it. You can get rid of that with the – button next to it.

    I’ve got a tutorial that shows this at Searching For Files With the Finder.

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