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How Do I Create a Drop Cap Character In the First Word Of a Paragraph?

If I am in Pages typing a story and I would like to make the first character of the first word of a paragraph be a Drop Cap letter, can it be done? I have a 2016 Mac Book Pro 15″/ 16GB and I cannot figure out how to accomplish this.
Rick B.

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    6 years ago

    There's no simple way to do it, as far as I can see. Playing with the character font size and baseline will sort of so it, but the next line of text will also be moved down.

    How about creating a separate text box, then putting that one letter in it, then playing that box with the letter in the right place. That can do it, but I wouldn't want to use it often. I would play with the Text Wrap and spacing properties in Format, Arrange to get it to work like you want. With some trial and error you may be able to get something to work.

    6 years ago

    Thank you for your help Gary. Can't understand why Pages would not include something as simple as this when MS Word and others have it. Oh well.

    6 years ago

    Rick: Word is a much more complex app, at the high end of the pro level. It has a ton of features. And as a result, many people have trouble using it because it is so complex. Pages is another approach to word processing that doesn't have as many features, but looks nicer and is easier to use (IMHO). Pages is also free, Word is not. So if you have Word, and like Word, and know how to use Word, then why not use Word?

    6 years ago

    Out of passing interest, the free Mac app 'LibreOffice' has a whole help page devoted just to drop caps. On the surface it looks comprehensive; but must admit I have no experience with them. Probably worth a look... otherwise, I do like the app & use it often. Good luck!

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