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How Do I Create a Formula Based the Text In Other Cells In Numbers?

I am trying to create a format where Column 1 will copy the text from column 2, unless column 2 is blank, then it will copy the text from column 3 instead.

I am creating an order sheet. Some items are ordered by each, others by case/box/pack/etc.
In my above inquiry:
Column 1 – would be my label for what I should order by (each, box, case, etc)
Column 2 – would be the inventory tracker that I have created and column 2 is where I have indicated if we can order by box/pack/etc
Column 3 – the second part of the inventory tracker. This has individual “each” items. Now, some of the items in column 2 will also have inventory in this column, but when we order those items that have a label of box/case/pack/etc in column 2 – we do not order by each – we order by box/case/pack/etc.

In reality, I have the actual numbers listed in the column next to the label, but I have those formulas all figured out, just trying to make this easier as well – in the long run

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    3 years ago

    For this, just use an IF function. See

    So something like this in A2:

    The condition is to check if B2 is blank. If it is, get the value of C2. If it isn't blank, then get the value of B2.

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