Learn How To Use the IF Function In Numbers

The IF function is how to test values in spreadsheets. You can use it to simply test a value and show different results. But the key to making complex spreadsheets to learning more about the IF function. You can pass through values when a condition is met, combine conditions with AND and OR functions, and nest IF functions for more than two possible results.

Download the file: 2041NumbersIfDemos.zip

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    Dan Brady
    11 months ago

    Very well explained. Thank you

    Steve Housley
    11 months ago

    Gary, you make it look so simple. Now if I could only locate the file. ” I’ll make this Numbers file available on the website for you to download.”

    11 months ago

    Steve: Sorry about that. I added a link to the download above the Comments section.

    Tom Gifford
    11 months ago

    Thanks Gary – you really make this material easy to understand. Now, however, you got me looking forward to MATCH and LOOKUP in an upcoming video.

    John S
    9 months ago

    The best and most concise explanation I’ve ever seen Typical Gary😊

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