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How Do I Create a Keyboard Shortcut?

I’m a lousy typist so I turn off caps lock because otherwise I would hit it even when I don’t want it. However, there ARE times when I want to type all caps. In Microsoft Word it’s easy to set up a keyboard shortcut to duplicate caps lock (Command+a) and the same to turn it off. But is it possible to do that in Pages?
Michael Spielman

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    2 years ago

    I can’t think of any way to set up an alternative keyboard shortcut for Caps Lock. Well, at least without some hacking software.

    There’s always Format, Font, Capitalization, All Caps. You could assign a keyboard shortcut to that and then type the word normally, then select it and make it all caps. Or, you could create a Character Style in Pages to do the same thing.

    I never use uppercase words unless there is no other way to show emphasis and emphasis is needed, like a word or two in a text message or comment on a forum. Otherwise, I use bold, italics, or a color to show emphasis.

    The problem with uppercase words is many (most?) people consider it “yelling” or a way to express anger, and not emphasis.

    Michael Spielman
    2 years ago

    Thanks, Gary, I try not to yell but I do sometimes want a page or section heading. I know how to do all caps using the Format menu but how do I create a shortcut for that?

    2 years ago

    Michael: You can create a custom shortcut for any menu command. See

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