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How Do I Create a New Account/Identity In Photos App?

Hello there… I want to create an additional account in Photos. For example what I used it for before was I had 100 client photos and I did not want to mix them with mine. Some video I had seen showed me how to create another Photos account that I can use and switch back and forth from. It had something to do with the icon in the dock and a keystroke and click. Then it opened up a dialog box and allowed you to create a new account. Any ideas?

Thanks SO MUCH for all the time you put into helping people with their Macs. I’ve probably seen every single one of your videos!! Regards, Esther

I’m scanning over 300 family photos, want to add them to Photos, but don’t want to mix them with what I already have.

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    2 years ago

    What you are looking to do is to create another LIBRARY, not an "account."

    Launch Photos by holding the Option key and clicking on the icon in the Dock. Then it starts with the choice to create a new library or choose an existing one.

    So it sounds like you want to create a new library for this special purpose. Do that, and put it in your Pictures folder unless you really want it somewhere else.

    Then you can use this library for that special project. To switch back, quit Photos and then launch again with Option help down, then select your normal library.

    Note that only one library can be associated with your iCloud account and be your iCloud Photos library. This is also called your "System Photo Library." So while you are using this secondary library it will just be a local "on your Mac" library and it will not use iCloud.


    Esther Warda
    2 years ago

    THAT WAS IT!! What I was doing wrong was clicking/keystroking on the icon while the app was already open!! THANK YOU!! Off to watch the link above!! :-)

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