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How Do I Create a Timestamp In Numbers That Won’t Change?

Hello :) I saw this question was asked back in 2012 and was hoping perhaps there might be an answer now. Is there a way to add a [static] timestamp in Numbers? Currently, I use the “Now” function to insert a date and time, but it constantly changes. Merely touching the cell in the slightest updates the cell to the current date and time. Even just selecting any cell within that cell’s row (no edits) will still update that cell to the current time and date.

For context, I am using Numbers to insert work data that consists of performing different tasks. Each time I perform a new task, I enter the date and name of the task. I do many different types of tasks within an hour. Having a timestamp would be so useful because I would be able to see which specific tasks take more time based on the timestamp. Entering the time manually for each task is too cumbersome because I typically do many, many types of tasks within just a single hour.

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    2 months ago

    One option: Type the date and time.
    Another option: Use NOW(), but then: Edit, Copy followed by Edit, Paste Formula Results. Or: Command+C, Command+Shift+V.
    Another option: Insert, Date & Time (assign a keyboard shortcut if you like).
    Another option: I've got a Paste Time function in my ClipTools app you can use.

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