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How Do I Cross Dissolve Two or More Cutaways In Succession?

In my video, I have a group of photos, one after another, as a cutaway. I know how to dissolve each photo, however, between each photo, the original video reappears for a brief moment. I do not want this to happen nor do I want the transition from one photo to another to be so abrupt, I’d like to have them cross dissolve without showing the video. The only way I’ve been able to do this successfully is to create a new project with my photos, add cross dissolves and share as a file. Then I import that file into my original project and use it as a cutaway. This is not only a bit more time consuming but does require exactness, usually the last step since you cannot “play” around with the timing or placement unless you go back to the original cutaway files and start all over. Is there a simpler way to complete within the same file?
Shefa Benoit

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    2 years ago

    So are you just using a fade for the cutaway to fade each one out, and then the next one in? That’s the only way off the top of my head to “dissolve” the photos when they are cutaways.

    It sound like these cutaways are completely replacing the video, while you still have the audio playing from the main clip underneath, correct?

    So one way to do it would be to Modify, Detach Audio for the main clip. Then split the main clip using Modify Split Clip where you want to insert the photos. And then replace those sections with those photos. So the audio plays throughout the main video and those inserted photos. Or, you could do the splitting first, and then detach the audio from only the clips that you then replace with photos.

    You could also leave the cutaways. Then split the main clip just after the first fade in, until just before the last fade out. Then take that middle section, where you never want the video to be seen, detach audio from it, and then replace the video section with the Black background using Replace From Start.

    One advantage of the first idea, of making the photos part of the main timeline, is that you can now use any transition you wish, not just fading all the way out and then back in to the next photo.

    2 years ago

    No the cutaways do not replace the entire video. The video is 6 minutes long with a variety of photo cutaways throughout. Rarely is there just a solo cutaway though. Generally there are at least two photos together. This is where I have the challenge. I will try your other suggestions to see if they work for me. Thank you for such a quick turnaround!

    2 years ago

    Shefa: Sorry, but “replace the entire video” I mean fill the whole screen with the cutaway. I don’t mean replace it from the start to the end of the video’s time. It sounds like splitting the main video clip and detaching audio when necessary, may be your best option.

    2 years ago

    Both methods worked wonderfully though I opted for the last one using the background since I don’t have to adjust timing of photos in the main timeline. Thanks again!

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