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How Do I Delete Automator Actions?

Having set up one or two Automator actions I would like to know how to delete them if required. They seem to go into a secret location. It’s probably just my ineptitude. I can’t even remember whether I chose to create a workflow, application or quick action. Is there a set of criteria as to which to use as they all seem capable of doing similar things?
Anthony (Tony) Staples

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    2 years ago

    It depends on what you created. A workflow or an application is a file like any other. You create it and you save it where you want. So the file can be anywhere. If you can't remember where you saved it, do a search for the filename.

    If you just made it, then it is likely in the File, Open Recent list. Once you open it, hold the Command key down and click on the title at the top of the window to see the path to the file. Choose the first folder in that menu to open it and go to that location.

    If you created a Quick Action (Service) then it saves it to the Services folder. You can access it the same way, or just go to your Library folder by holding down the Option key while using the Finder and choosing Go, Library. Then look for the Services folder.

    Tony Staples
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I found it - Library>Workflows>Applications>Folder Actions> LR Photos.
    After I export photos from Lightroom to a specific folder it auto imports to Photos. Very simple really.
    As always you gave me the answer I needed.

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