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How Do I Disable the Other User In the Login Screen In Mountain Lion?

This other user in the login screen is what I wish to get rid of. Recently I had to change our login password which is also our admin password and this “other” appeared in the login screen. Before I changed the password this guest user sat in “users and groups” in S/P without appearing on the login screen.
I have looked for the answer on Apples support site tried the suggestions from this site and also on the internet through Google all to know avail. The answer is out there somewhere because I disabled it after M/L came out but cannot remember how I did this. We are using an iMac mid 2011 build and always keep the software up to date. And yes “find my Mac” in iCloud S/P has never been enabled. If anyone has the answer then I thank you in advance.

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    11 years ago

    I think there are various things you could be using, like remote user/find my Mac functions, that will enable you to use Other to log on to your Mac. Of course, there's no harm in having that there. At least none that I can think of.
    A common reason it starts to appear is if you have enabled the root user. You disable the root user the same way to enable it:
    Run the app Directory Services found in Mac HD, System, Library, Core Services. Authenticate by clicking the padlock button. Then use Edit, Enable/Disable Root User.
    I just checked and enabling the root user in Mountain Lion will definitely cause the Other to appear in the login window. Disabling it removes it. So give that a try.

      11 years ago

      Thank you very much for your solution to the above problem. I followed Gary's suggestion and all is rectified.
      Thank you Gary.

    11 years ago

    Gary, does this work for Lion too. I haven't updated to Mountain Lion yet because when I migrated to Lion it caused all sorts of problems to the point where I was given a completely new laptop in the end! Needless to say I've developed an "upgrade OS phobia'! Thank you.

      11 years ago

      Don't know. But easy enough to try it to see if it works for you.

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