How To Disable a Keyboard Shortcut On a Mac

If you want to disable a keyboard shortcut to avoid accidentally triggering that action, there are a variety of ways to do it.

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    Robert Gramling
    2 years ago

    In Messages, I often use RETURN to begin new paragraph, which sends the incomplete text. I know about the OPTION+RETURN command, but often forget. Is there a way to change this permanently? THX ! Bob

    2 years ago

    Robert: No way to switch them. You just have to get used to remembering. Or, send a series of shorter messages. It all ends up in the same place anyway.

    10 months ago

    I use control for a command in a game I play, and f for another one. If I try and use them at the same time, though, it toggles fullscreen and messes me up. Is there a way to disable just ctrl+f, permanently?

    10 months ago

    Harry: Change the menu command for that one app then to something else.

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