Forum Question: How do I do large scale file comparison and consolidation?

I am consolidating all of my various external drives into one big one (a Drobo). What is the best way for me to do file comparison so that I don’t have six copies of the same data?

— Todd A. Peperkorn

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    12/19/09 @ 6:19 pm

    I know you want to find a way to automate this. But I usually advise people to do it manually. These files are most likely important and you don’t want to have an automated process mess it up. All automation can do is compare file sizes, contents and properties. Only you can decide which one to keep, and which folder it should be in.
    It may seem like a huge task. But I’ve got terrabytes of data myself from 15+ years of producing content. And I think if I focused on it for a few hours I could consolidate it all and end up with a better result than if some automated process did it.

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