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How Do I Do This Simple Task?

When I am trying to create an equation where a row of numbers is multiplied or added to a specific cell.

ie (f13*G12) and then try to drag to autofill the remaining numbers what happens is (F14*G13, F15*G14…..)

Where I want F14*G12, F15*G12….

I want to have as little data as possible on the screen and want to be able to fix a specific cell into that function while I autofill a row.


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    3 years ago

    What you want to do is to set one of the values to absolute, while you leave the other as relative.

    When you enter the original formula, say F13*G12, click on G12. It then presents you with two checkboxes: Preserve Row, Preserve Column. Set one or both of those so when the formula is copy and pasted, or autofilled, then that reference will not change.

    So in your example, you don't want G12 to change to G13, G14, and so on. So set Preserve Row. Now when you autofill the 12 in G12 will remain the same. So you get F14*G12, F15*G12 and so on.


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