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How Do I Download a Picture Directly Into Photos Library?

Hi Gary
Sometimes I want to save a picture fx from Facebook directly into my Photos library in iCloud. But that’s not possible on my Macbook Air (High Sierra 10.13.6). In Finder there is an icon showing a cloud with a line through it (can’t be used”) just beside the Photos library icon.
Do I have to change my setting somehow or is it really so, that I have to download to fx my desktop first before moving the picture further on to Photos?

Lars Kj

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    2 years ago

    The Photos Library file (actually a folder) is not something you should ever open up or interact with directly. It is a database that should only be accessed though the Photos app. That is why you can’t use that file.

    To download a photo from the FaceBook website directly to your Photos library, you can simply use drag-and-drop. So many things on Mac work with drag-and-drop.

    First, I would click on the photo on the FaceBook page. I’m not certain that the image you see in your timeline is the full image. It is probably a compressed smaller version. But if you click on it, you seem to get a much better one. Then drag that image right from the browser to your Photos app window. This will treat the photo as an “import” just as if you were dragging an image file from the desktop.

    It also works if you drag the photo down on to the Photos app icon in the Dock.

    My only concern with this is that you may still not be getting the best version of the photo. If you look at the photo on the Facebook website, there is an Options link at the bottom and you can use that to download the photo. I tried comparing what you get from that with what you get when you drag-and-drop the enlarged image, and my results were the same. But maybe that was because the image I was using wasn’t very high resolution. I’m not sure.

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