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How Do I Download/Save Purchases Pictures On an Old AppleID?

My original APPLEID is no longer used by apple. My account still exists but I can’t use it on my iPhone because I logged out of it and I can’t log back into it, apple doesn’t allow my old APPLEID once logged out type. Is there a way to load my thousands of pictures into my new APPLEID?

Once I log out of my old APPLEID, I will not be able to access pictures music purchases etc.
Mike Miller

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    1 year ago

    Where are you viewing these pictures? In the Photos app? (You didn't indicated Photos as the app here). If you are in the Photos app, first go to Photos, Settings, iCloud and make sure you have Download Originals To This Mac turned on. If not, switch that on and wait for all images to download. You a see that indicated at the bottom of your Library, All Photos list.

    Then, for safety, select all photos (go to All Photos, then choose Edit, Select All) and then choose File, Export, Export Unmodified originals. Save these somewhere safe as a backup. Wait for it to finish.

    Then if you go to Photos, Settings, iCloud and turn off iCloud Photos it should detach that photos library for iCloud. You should then have a normal local Photos library with all of your photos, not associated with iCloud.

    Then when you log out of your old Apple ID, and then back into your new one, then turn on iCloud again in Photos, it should merge the old library with whatever you have in your new library (if anything).

    Mike Miller
    1 year ago

    Got it thank you!

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