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How Do I Edit ‘Previous Recipients’ On iPad?

I watched your tutorial “200 Mac Tips” and you showed how to edit ‘Previous Recipients’ on a Mac but how do you do that on an iPad (iOS 15.1)

I use Mail on MacBook Air for my main email a/c but use a secondary Gmail a/c on the iPad. I have a few addresses popping up as suggestions when I compose a new email on iPad which are either incorrect spelling or no longer in use.
How can I edit those on the iPad in Gmail?
Brian Brown

Comments: One Response to “How Do I Edit ‘Previous Recipients’ On iPad?”

    2 years ago

    The next time you are composing a message, and you start typing an email address, look closely at the list of suggestions. Next to the suggested addresses, as opposed to the ones in your contacts, you'll see an "i" button. Tap that. Then scroll to the bottom to find a "Remove From Recents" button.

    If you want to get rid of some that you have in mind right now, start a new message, type the first letter or two of that name or email address, and then use that "i" button to get the Remove From Recents Button. Then just back out of sending any email message.

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