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How Do I Enable Spoken Word and Other Sound Options On the Accessibility Keyboard?

I am a disabled user and even though I can type (slowly) I use this with my mouse to play on a Minecraft roleplaying server where there is an extraordinary amount of things to be typed. I have an entire panel just for the server. However, I am not sure how to activate the Spoken Word and sound function. Spoken Word never works and Sound (on press) is always greyed out. Do I have to disable the default press key sound to get sound to work? I have never gotten Spoken Word to work even with dictation or TTS on. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been working on this issue a long time. I’m on iMac 27″ Late 2013 running Mojave. Thanks!

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    5 years ago

    Do you mean the "Spoken Phrase" option for each item in a panel? That is the phrase that is spoken by VoiceOver for the button. But it only works for Switch Control Panels, not Keyboard Panels.

    But you also mention dictation, so maybe you mean Dictation commands? You turn that on in System Preferences, Dictation, then Enable the dictation phrase. Then the button there will take you to a list of Dictation Commands where you can see the default ones and add your own. You have then ten enable the advanced commands and you get a + button where you can add your own. This is separate from the Accessibility Keyboard.

    Christina Marie Parissi
    5 years ago

    Thanks for your reply. What I meant by the sound is underneath spoken word, it says Sound but it only says default sound and is greyed out and I don't know why or what it does. I would love to be able to use Mac dictation but I have given up on it, it never understands me and the correction process is difficult. I'm used to Dragon but Dragon for Mac got very bad reviews, is too expensive and would probably crash my Mac and I'm not sure if it would work for Minecraft.

    5 years ago

    Christina: My guess is it simply plays that sound when the command is used.

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