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How Do I Enable/Disable Sharing Based On Wi-Fi Location?

I want to have sharing enabled at home and work, but want it disabled automatiCally other connections. Back in my Windows days, the notebook PC would prompt me when I connected to a new network for what kind of network and automatiCally set sharing accordingly.
Is there a way to do this automatiCally or at least with an Automator app?

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    12 years ago

    I'm not sure if network locations will also store File Sharing settings. But you can try it (Episode 171:
    But why do you want to have file sharing on in some locations and off in others? If you set a password for your user account (ALWAYS!) and have your shared folders and users set so only you and the people you want can access your Mac, then it shouldn't be an issue. Whatever location you are at, only someone with a password can access your files.
    Or, is there some other reason why you want to turn it off?

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