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How Do I Enter Mathematical Formulas In Pages?

I’m exploring some new (to me) math disciplines and I learn best by documenting my experiences. In Pages, I would like to enter math expressions and formulas that I encounter, this includes subscripts, superscripts, math symbols like sum (∑) and product, PI, set the theory symbols (i.e., union, intersection) and expressions that have numerators appear over denominators. I know how to find and use the unicode math symbols but they do not offer all the expression I am looking for.

Would it be possible for you to do a video tutorial on this subject?
Vincent Cina

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    2 years ago

    I did a video on that last year. Basically, there are two industry-standard ways of doing math equations in word processors, and Pages supports them both: LaTeX and MathML. You can learn how to enter the data by hand, or you can use an app to facilitate the creation of these equations and paste that into the function in Pages.

    Adding Math Equations in Pages.

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