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How Do I Find a Simple Line Reader?

Need a line guide for use in reconciling statements and proofreading documents that are side by side. This would be similar to using an old fashioned hard ruler and pulling down the page as you read. Most apps seem to have elaborate measurements for design work others are designed to use with speed reading or other reading disabilities.

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    4 years ago

    Sorry, I don't know anything about such apps. A search for "mac line reader" turned up a few things, but I have no idea if this is what you want. In the past, if I need something like this, I just bring up another window in front of the one with the text, and position the top of that window below the line to act as a ruler.

    I guess in Pages you could always create a text box, set it's Text Wrap to "none" and then the color to something semi-transparent. Would that work? I guess you could do the same in Preview with the markup tools -- create a line or box and use it to overlay a line.

    4 years ago

    The apps I found were BeeLine Reader and Line Reader by are all more detailed than needed. My new 27" Mac has the space to have a bank statement up as well as my check register but difficult to go across from one to the other when reconciling. Thanks

    4 years ago

    Lori: Are you looking at these in Preview? If so, try my suggestion above and use the markup tools, create a rectangle, set its color to something semi-transparent, and use that as a "line" over the text you want to focus on.

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