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How Do I Fix Overexposed Pictures?

Could someone tell me if the there is an Apple program that will help fix pictures that are a little overexposed,or if there is any program that will help

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    10 years ago

    Have you tried the tools in iPhoto? In iPhoto 11 there is an “Enhance” button. Just view the photo, press the edit button, and then Enhance. If that doesn’t do it for you you can always switch to Effects and Adjust at the upper right and try manual adjustments.

    Terry Gibson
    10 years ago

    I know this does not answer the questions, but in my experience and classes I have attended, I have found that it is almost always best to slightly under-expose pictures taken with a digital camera. You can always brighten them up a little, but it is hard to fix an over exposed one. And digital cameras tend to over-expose pictures anway. I have found that I usually under-expose by about .7 and it brings out colours beautifully. THEN I use ‘enhance’ if it is too dark.

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