7 Ways To Fix a Mac Keyboard That Is Not Working Correctly

If your Mac keyboard is acting strangely, such as keys typing the wrong characters, some keys not working, or symbols and variations appearing when you don't expect, it could come down to a setting you have changed.

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    Robert Meushaw
    1 year ago

    I have had a problem with some of the keys occasionally not working on my mid-2012 Macbook Pro. The keys that sometimes stopped working included f, g, h, I, j, k, and l. Sometimes repeated striking the keys would get it working. Sometimes holding down adjacent keys for a while would get things working. Finally, I came across something that seems to work - change System Preferences > keyboard > input sources setting to "ABC - extended". I don't know why this works but so far, so good.

    John Rohan
    1 year ago

    My problem is with an external keyboard that has a separate numeric keypad. When I press the '1' key on the keypad, it generates a strange sequence which has the effect of highlighting from cursor to the beginning of the previous word, and then capitalizing any lower case letters. All other keys on keypad work as expected. I tried 3 different external keyboards. Not sure how long it's been doing it. I used an app called 'Key Codes' to verify the right code being generated on the keypad.

    1 year ago

    John: Does it happen when you boot into Safe Mode? Does it happen if you create a new user account and try it there?

    1 year ago

    When things like input to a window fails: I usually have to check that no mouse or trackpad has anything touching the surface.
    This is mainly a problem with a cluttered desktop with lots of input devices operating at the same time. 😀

    1 year ago

    Hi Gary
    I have a problem on my intel iMac in which a second capitalisation will not apply. For example, if I type ‘Dear Gary’, the magic keyboard will not apply the capitalisation to ‘Gary’, so I get ‘Dear gary’. I press the shift key as I type to apply capitals and it works in every other situation. Have you any thoughts on why this should happen?

    1 year ago

    John: That's an unusual issue. I've never seen it before. If you carefully hold down the Shift key when typing the "G" in your example, does it still not work? If so, I'd contact Apple Support like I suggest at the end of the video.

    Marianne M. Lawhead
    1 year ago

    My Apple wired keyboard stopped typing. I tried unplugging it and plugging in. Nothing. I was logged out so I can’t log in if I can’t type. Would a new keyboard potentially fix the issue or is there another option?

    1 year ago

    Marianne: If the keyboard is broken, then plugging in another one will fix it yes. But if the issue is some setting you have changed, or the USB port itself, then no. Have you tried another keyboard? Borrow one if you don't have one.

    9 months ago

    Whenever I type a letter tye letter next to it also gets typed simultaneously. So basically its double typing letters.

    9 months ago

    Jacob: That sounds like a broken keyboard. Can you get your hands on another keyboard to try it? If it only happens with the one keyboard then you have your answer.

    Steve Housley
    4 months ago

    Gary, I just spent the whole evening Googling a keyboard problem. Time and again I got answers that did not work. After a while they just became repetitive.

    🥱🥱 Just as I was about to give up and hit the sack, Rosenzweig came to the rescue... again!

    The problem disappeared the instant I pressed the Option key 5 times in a row.😆 Thank you for retrieving my numbers pad.

    My Patreon membership paid off again.


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