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How Do I Free Up Storage Space On iPad Pro 32 GB?

My IPad Pro 32 GB indicates that my storage is almost full, resulting in not being able to download updates or add applications. The graph showing the storage indicates that half of the storage is being used by “Other” And to a lesser degree “System”. My question is what does “Other” consist of, and are there items in their I could delete to free up space.

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Ed Lynch

Ed Lynch

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    3 years ago

    Other is basically everything not included in other categories in that list. So it is not very productive to worry about what "other" is. Instead, at that same screen, look down below. Look at each app and see how much space it is using. Tap on the apps and see how that is broken up. Some apps allow you to clear out data right here. Others will just give you an idea of how much space the app and its data are using and you can decide whether it is worth keeping.

    In some apps, like Music for instance, you get a lot of control over what you can delete.

    You can also choose to use Offload App on the individual app screens to save space for apps you don't want to delete, but aren't planning to use any time soon.

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