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How Do I Get Different Photos In iMovie 11 To Act Like a Slide Show

I am making a slide show in iMovie 11. I have put various picture into it and a transition in between each photo. I also have the first two pictures with titles on them, and an audio track playing during the show. Unfortunately, when I play the slide show, all it shows is the very first photo. It shows the title on pic one and the title on pic two, but only the first pic shows for the whole slide show. I cannot find any info on how to get this video to play all the pictures that I have imported from iPhoto. The pics are jpg and png formats.

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    12 years ago

    Perhaps you are constructing the project wrong? Remember that bringing photos into the event doesn't add them to the project. They have to be in the project timeline to appear in the finished product.
    But it sounds like you ARE putting them in the project because you mention that you added transitions in between them.
    Have you tried exporting to see what happens?

      Toni Talley
      12 years ago

      I gave up and deleted the whole project and started over. 3 times. I figured something had happened inside the program as several times it just quit on me in the middle of working on it. I finally gave up on trying to make it work like I want, and am just going with the basic. For now. I must add that it's so annoying when they make software that makes it difficult to "go outside the box", stifling one's creativity.

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