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How Do I Get Homepod To Play Various Radio Stations?

I cannot get my Homepods to play radio stations. I have tried Reciever radio, but this is a sometime thing – sometimes it works – most of the time it does not. Any suggestions? I have searched for some videos, but they use shortcuts or some radio app. Can’t Homepods do this on their own? I thought they implemented this feature this past summer, but I can not get it to work. Ideas?

Bill Braun

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    11 months ago

    You have to ask Siri. But it is tricky and it doesn’t always recognize the station names as you would expect them. I want it to play “Indie 102.3” and it won’t do it. Instead it plays “Sunny 102.3” from a different state. But if I say “Colorado Public Radio OpenAir” then it gets it right. So it is just a matter of trying lots of things.

    You could always AirPlay from your Mac or iOS device and then find the station in the Music app there.

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