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How Do I Get Mail To Change a Word for Proper Spelling?

When I type woudl, Mail does not change it to would
Note ld vs dl.

ted cohen

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    8 years ago

    Is it that no spell correction works for you in Mail? Or just that one example?
    If it is just this one example, you could go to System Preferences, Keyboard, Text and add a replacement for "woudl" to "would." In fact one of the default examples is "teh" to "the."
    If it isn't working for you with any words at all, then go to Edit, Spelling and Grammar and make sure "Correct Spelling Automatically" is checked.

    Ted Cohen
    8 years ago

    That worked perfect, it was just that one word, but now see how to do this with other issues if they arise
    Gary, you are Still the BEST, thank you

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